Procedures for Students


Textbook Procedure:

  • Textbooks are issued to you during the first week of school.
  • Write your name in the front cover of your textbook in pen.
  • Protect textbooks with bookcovers. You may use paper grocery bags or store-bought covers as long as they are not taped to the books and are not the adhesive type covers which damage books. No naked textbooks at Montgomery!
  • There is a $3.00 charge to replace missing or damaged barcodes.
  • Textbooks cost $60 - $80 each! Keep them in your care.
  • You are financially responsible for all textbooks checked out to you and are expected to pay for any lost, damaged, or stolen books.
  • The book you check out must be the same copy you return. Do not loan your book to a friend.
  • Upon issue, you may complete a damage report form or show the book to the library staff within one week of issue to ensure you are not charged for damage incurred prior to your use.
  • You are responsible for textbooks no matter where you store them.

Library Material Borrowing Procedure:

  • Your I.D. card is your Library Card. I.D. cards are issued free of charge within 3 months of enrolling at Montgomery. Every student should have his/her I.D. card in his/her possession while on campus or while attending school functions.On occasion they may be asked to show their I.D. card to a staff member.
  • Please show your current school I.D. card to check out library materials.
  • Students without ID cards may still check out one book. Any others can be held for you for a week so you can find your ID card and come back.
  • Books are checked out for THREE WEEKS and may be renewed if they are not reserved.

Lost, damaged or stolen Textbooks or Library Books:

Students are responsible for all materials checked out on their account.

When a student loses or damages library materials or textbooks, there are THREE ways to make up for the loss:

  1. The student can pay for the materials.
  2. Preferred: The student can replace the book. The librarian can help you get a great price.
  3. With administrator approval, the student can perform service to the school in lieu of paying money.

Students with lost bookswill be limited to one book and may not be able to participate in 8th grade activities.

Library Visits

  • Small groups or single student visits:
    1. During Class Time: OFFICIAL passes, signatures in planners or classroom clipboards are required
    2. Lunch: No passes required but strict compliance with Library User Rights and Responsibilities is expected and enforced
      1. Lunch procedure and expected behavior:
        1. Upon entry, sign in by writing your full name and time in.
        2. The library is free for you to explore, read, and borrow books, study, and do research. Strict adherence to the SDUSD Internet Use Policy is enforced. Group study is encouraged as long as voice level is kept conversational.
        3. Before leaving, show respect and tuck in your chair and pick up any trash, etc. Show courtesy.
      2. Consequences for violations
        1. Warning
        2. Leave the library for the day, week or month
        3. Campus Beautification
        4. Lunch detention
        5. Regular use revoked. Can visit the LMC only with a teacher or staff.
      3. Rewards

        1. Just as in class, on occasion you may receive a Montgomery Way to Go for proper behavior in the library.
        2. Good patrons get great service from staff. Who knows when the library staff could find the perfect book or Website for you?
  • Class visits
    1. Follow all directions given by library staff and your teacher

SDUSD Library Services Policies

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