Student Art Featured!

Monty Student Art Installation "Painting from the Inside Out" Featured!
Posted on 10/30/2019
Monty Art Painting from the Inside OutPainting from the Inside Out!
In the latest issue of the SDUSD Office of School Innovation newsletter (, Montgomery students are featured with their current art installation titled “Listen to this wall, the world needs who you were meant to be.” Those are the words above the newest art installation created by students at Montgomery Middle STEAM Magnet. The exhibit is titled “Inside Out,” and refers to the way we as humans have an outer shell that protects and hides our inner workings. The imagery remind us of the many ways we are all the same. Our skeletons are not different colors. They do not operate or look differently depending on race.

WE have so many things in common. The student’s artwork incorporates symbolism and icons that give deeper meaning to the subject matter. Flowers that surround and enlace themselves in the skeletal frames represent our personalities. The overlapping petals illustrate the parts of ourselves we are comfortable letting people see. The petals that recede to the background represent the aspects of ourselves that we don’t always reveal.

On the inside we are all the same. Twenty-four ribs, two hundred thirty-one bones, thirty-three vertebrae and one heart!

Congratulations to the students and art teacher Ms. Bolin for the amazing work!
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